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accidentally typing the letter 8 in the middle of a word and feeling the unholy spirit of vriska serket come over you

the letter 8

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Okay, just here me out for a second.

Muggleborn kid with a talent for magic. Not real magic. Like, sleight of hand magic. And then a prefect catches them doing something like making a ball appear to vanish or whatever, and just loses their shit because this 11 year old kid has utterly mastered Vanishing Spells and what the hell how is that even possible.

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Hiccup cosplay, from how to train your dragon two.

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Yeeeeah, going for a walk at dusk through a forest right after it rains was a great idea. Past me was one hell of a genius….

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…. Hello weird animal creature thing. I hear you loud and clear now please stop screaching D:

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Wow check out this cutie

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VIA: actualryuko ORI: actualryuko NEVER honestly though I was just bothering my friend via tags because I ship ryuko/mako and she ships ryuko/satuki and i only show affection through aggression so all those tags are basically semi-false outrage in order to construct a passive-aggressive love letter anyways the only ship that matters in KLK is everyone/everyone in a big nude pile which is also p much canon but like i dunno man ive seen waaaay more mako/gamagori fanart float across my dash than I have ryuko/mako where the affection between the latter is far more evident within the show than the former so i kinda feel like ryumako has a legitimate claim as a top pairing for the series maybe we have a different definition of overpushing the ship because Ive never really lookd into shipping tags for klk or really any other series but i feel like being excited about a thing and then sharing that thing isnt bad like if a fan is deliberately trying to make people feel awful for not shipping it and attacking other people for liking other ships that person is a huge jerk but if theyre just writing about why they love the ship or making fanart for the ship and its the quantities of this pairing evidient in the fandom itself that's bothering you like just chill a bit TLDR I just like girls kissing okaaaaaaaaaay?? Straighties are still boring are heck though and i realize at this point that you said overpushing lesbian ships and not specifically ryumako but its really too much work to go back and my bad

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i think i have a new favorite character to rp as


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In the Name of the Moon

// Available as a print.

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Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box Lullaby

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this always makes me lose my shit

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“We were dancing everywhere. We’d be on breaks between filming, we were doing them. I remember there was a trip out to go see a band and we all went back to Emma’s house in London for a bit and we waltzed in her kitchen, just doing the dancing. Just practicing.” - Matt Lewis

too cute

these gifs are like every pairing you always wanted but never had

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A friend of mine took this picture at Phoenix Comic Con and it took me a moment to get it